Summeries: These Past Lives VI: In and Out of the Ground, Our Old Roots…

Sunday September 11, 2022 20:30

The Pitfall Ensemble: Writhing, still, Estee Makampo: Rite of Healing, Leela Collective: Retreat to the Trees

For the final event of the Warp summer program three performances are designed to interact with the installation Floris Ex Machina created by Andreas Tegnander as a unique interface between the Shadow Floriade program in the Beatrixpark and the Audio Visual Spatial program in the kunstkapel. However, the date of 9 11 remains a chilling anniversary and for this program each of the projects takes a view of the lives we have lived since this historic boundary line and how it impacts on the life of the trees today.

Walk and talk through the park- – – –

Henk Wolters, a tree expert and Elodie who knows all about the history of Beatrixpark will join Andreas Tegnander in a conversation about the trees and history of the park. We will gather at 15.45 at the Kiosk (the little drinkhut) close to the kids’ pool.


04.09.2022 – 16:00 – 17:30 Beatrixpark, Amsterdam

Flora Ex Machina

Flora ex Machina is a sound installation acting as a public sensory organ. It is a new way to experience the Beatrixpark and the complex hidden sounds of its trees. While the park’s soundscape is filled with people talking, birds chirping, trains passing and music playing, there are certain layers of sounds in the park not available to us, because they do not travel through the air.
Each tree is represented by a unique Omnidirectional speaker sculpture, creating an immersive experience that isolates only the sound inside of the trunks of these trees.

Summeries: These past lives V – a resonating landscape

The Warp Audio Visual Spatial performances summer program.
Spatial sound exploration in the context of the ‘Flora ex Machina’ sound installation. The installation uses a 6 piece omnidirectional sound system that gets interpreted by our acts.
Anni Nöps // Andreas Tegnander // Pau Sola Masafrets
-Anni Nöps—–
~ a soothing collapse ~
-Andreas Tegnander —–
“Another hole leaking time”
Waves of sound caress your skin – progress – implode – it´s
ex . p.l…. o. d. . . .i….. . . . ….n g
Get sucked into a VOID and
stay there for a while. . . look around.
reinterpretations of acoustic
sounds and instruments in a space in between time..
Granular, a way of life?
-Pau Sola Masafrets—–
“Synchronising with the movements of tree trunks”
The forest flesh twists and turns, clicks and moans in the wind..

Eureka! In the Beatrixpark reveals nighttime wonders through performance installations

As part of the Shadow Floriade 2022 program The Warp presents

EUREKA! in the Beatrixpark  on the weekend of October 1 and 2, in which audiences are invited to take a nighttime journey through the park to experience a visual art and science performance side show. This carnival of wonders is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s final work, Eureka!, in which Poe revealed incredible ideas such as an expanding universe, the big bang and black holes which he intuited with the immediacy of a walk in the park… And hence it was decided amongst these artists to engage with what might be considered the first conscious work of art science which placed its primary focus on the ability to Imagine.

This after dark performance installation is enacted by a Collective of ten artists very well known in the burgeoning field of art science:Joost Rekveld, Matthijs Munnik, Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand, Vladimir Grafov, Zalan Szakacs, Daniela De Paulis, Mint Park and BMB con: Justin Bennett & Roelf Toxopeus

Audiences will assemble at the Meeting point located at the Park Kiosk BEA, Beatrixpark 1 off Boerenweteringspad at any time between nightfall and late night.

Promenades will commence every fifteen minutes from the meeting

Point during which audiences will be led on tour to experience eight unique works in the darkness of the park. The entire performance is expected to take eighty minutes. The event is offered free of charge.

This project is presented by The Warp in connection with The Shadow Floriade, fiftieth anniversary celebation in the Beatrixpark, in association with Zone2Source in the Amstelpark. Eureka! is produced with the support of:

Gemeente Stadsdeel Zuid, Stimulerings Creative Industries, Amsterdam Fonds voor de kunst, Mondriaan Foundation, and Prins Bernhard Kultuurfonds.

Facebook event here