The Warp presents Audio Visual Spatial Performances

The Warp FallBack: Eternal Returns IV: Fall Back into the Mist

December 3, Saturday, 8 pm

at the Kunstkapel Prinses Irenestraat 19

Tickets are 10 euro at the door, students 5 euro.

As the Fallback program continues on its sojourn, the backwards motions make for grander leaps into the misty uncertainties of not so much the past but the very ability to anymore claim a great deal of certainty regarding anything… While things have changed we may seek to fall back into former understandings but we may have to surrender to the ineffable.

▷ Kacpar Ziemianin performs Light Seq Returns

Kacper Ziemianin a.k.a. ‘Ctrl Freq’ has background in classical music and a lot of adventures in modern sound and music. Sound designer, circuit bender, vagabond, improviser, producer, audio-hacker, instrument designer, nomad, radio presenter, workshop leader, squatter, soon-to-be a published writer. His audio installations and sounds have been shown/played in many places around Europe. ‚LSe‘ aka LightSeq is a DIY instrument and performance system for live electronic music. It allows users to program sequences of lights which are then translated into sounds. This combination opens up a lot of possibilities for controlling, structuring and interacting with sound. This instrument tries to address an issue of ‘liveness’ of electronic music performance. In the case of ‘LSe’ every sound is created and manipulated by various light sources. This creates a direct link between the visual and sonic realm.

▷▷ Francisco Garrido and Xico Ribas Tur perform Alexithymia

Venezuelan Guitarist Francisco Garrido unites with Spanish keyboardist Xico Ribas Tur to create immersive soundscapes that take the listener into an unexpected train of thought. Thought provoking sounds in a great dynamic range, from loud and in your face to timid and soft.” “Everyone has experienced how hard it can be to put one’s feelings into words from time to time. After the years that we spent together with Covid being a harsh reality, most people’s mental health has been a bit affected. And now with how suddenly it appears that we’ve moved on and completely forgot about it, it feels as if we didn’t have enough time to process it. To put all the feelings that we went through on the table and deal with them, to get closure.”

▷▷▷The Pitfall Ensemble performs Figural Vertical Hallucinationscores

As a counteraction to the previous project presented several times in the context of the Shadow Floriade as well as the Fallback season this year which was about the horizontality of the ground and the horizon, the attention now turns to the verticality that is the basic nature of the warp in the process of weaving. While Pitfall explores dynamic and unusual scoring processes here it goes one step further into retinal burn and visual spectra to establish its vertical score. Performers include Gareth Davis, Dario Calderone and Salvoandrea Lucifora.

▷▷▷▷An Overt Enclave performs Atsivata

One of the first projects ever developed at The Warp in terms of the kind of extended production workshops that are now a regular part of each year’s programming in 2013 was created by an interdisciplinary ensemble that determined to perform entirely in a thick fog bank which created an intense immersiveness and unpredictability. The piece was entitled Atavista playing on the very idea that “when the fog clears one will find one’s self at a vista.” For this performance, An Overt Enclave will not exactly recreate this performance but create an entirely contrary one still within a thick fog bank. Thus the title has been reversed to Atsivata.