October Rambles III

That Uncertain Fork in the Path

Saturday October 26 2019, 20:00

Multimedia Interdisciplinary Performance by: The Approximate Consort, The Supernumeraries & the Cinetractor Project, Surface to Volume & Schoolalmamahler, The Shadow Seminary School

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October Rambles II

Little Peripatetic Buildings

Saturday October 19 2019, 20:00

Multimedia Interdisciplinary Performance by: The IrkSumSet, The Schoolalmamahler

During October Rambles II: Little Peripatetic Building The Warp pays special tribute to the Bauhaus School, which was established in 1919, a century ago. Bauhaus has had an incalculable impact on modern art, design and architecture. This of course rings true for the architecture of the Kunstkapel, where the performance will take place. It is a 360 degree curved minimalistic white space, that demands a response, which can be seen as a typical Bauhaus tendency. The pursuit of many ideas at once (rambles) will be continued during the second evening of October Rambles, and Bauhaus will be taken as an inspiration to replicate the spirals within spirals in the curved space of the Kunstkapel.

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October Rambles I

footage of Lampyridae by Matteo Marangoni and Dieter Vandoren shot during a residency at De Fabriek in Eindhoven

One Way or Many?

Saturday September 28 2019, 20:00

Multimedia Interdisciplinary Performance by: Valekriy, Thomas Mohr, Matteo Marangoni & Dieter Vandoren

Rambles are generally thought of as winding circuitous paths that may draw one through a complex and even daunting terrain. And so The Warp’s three audiovisual spatial performances this autumn will make twists and turns. October Rambles wants to establish a labyrinth that alters our experience of the 360 degree round Kunstkapel space. The notions of continuous detour, digression, and reorientation are inherent in the idea of rambles. With this theme The Warp invites you to explore aimlessly with open ended expectations.

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