Summeries: These past lives V – a resonating landscape

The Warp Audio Visual Spatial performances summer program.
Spatial sound exploration in the context of the ‘Flora ex Machina’ sound installation. The installation uses a 6 piece omnidirectional sound system that gets interpreted by our acts.
Anni Nöps // Andreas Tegnander // Pau Sola Masafrets
-Anni Nöps—–
~ a soothing collapse ~
-Andreas Tegnander —–
“Another hole leaking time”
Waves of sound caress your skin – progress – implode – it´s
ex . p.l…. o. d. . . .i….. . . . ….n g
Get sucked into a VOID and
stay there for a while. . . look around.
reinterpretations of acoustic
sounds and instruments in a space in between time..
Granular, a way of life?
-Pau Sola Masafrets—–
“Synchronising with the movements of tree trunks”
The forest flesh twists and turns, clicks and moans in the wind..