Diamond Sutra Factory Workshop

The Congress of Glassolallia IV
Continuing performances from the Diamond Sutra Factory Workshop.

March 14, 20:00 
The Equinox Ragweed Variations: The Vast Grey Area (The Congress of Glassolallia V)

March 21, 20:00
The Warp presents the final installments of the changing collection of interdisciplinary multi media performances based on the material and concept of glass, which has been the basis of the Warp’s annual winter production workshop dubbed The Diamond Sutra Factory Workshop. The project is inspired by its locations, The Ascher Diamond Factory and the Glasshouse of the Amstelpark. Now the project arrives at the Kunstkapel with eight projects have been developing side by side and every assembly of performed projects has been completely different. The event includes a concert of glass, reflective sounds and reverberating images.

Five distinct projects will be presented this evening which explore the mysteries of glass, light, optics, reflectiveness and the unique spaces of altarity which it conjures. The audio visual spatial installation which is the setting for all of these projects  is a result of an ongoing performance, The Glass Chain Correspondence by the October Collective which is created by exchanged drawings and correspondence by the participants. The result in the Kunstkapel is an arrangement of twenty nine glass sheets an array of glass objects and a mound of broken glass.

The Ensemble Todo Modo (Alan Purves, Dirk Bruinsma, Robbert van Hulzen, Frank Rosaly, Tristan Renfrow  and Christian Smith) will perform a set of Glassolallias, music made entirely by invented glass instruments instruments as well as common household objects of glass. The ensemble will also perform another work Obscryations developing a different approach towards the glass.

The Supernumeraries (Maria Mavridou, Stefania Petroula and Astarti Athanasiadou) will perform a movement piece, Death Note Shard.

The Afterwords Searchparty (Lise Brenner and Anthony Murrell) will contribute an audio visual experience The Minutaie: The Sharpening Motes, involving the text of The Diamond Sutra.

From its Refractive Index, Surface to Volume will show new sections arranged by Andreas Tegnander, exploring the genesis of glass insects, flora and fauna and its sonic environs

The Paraneural Record will perform Glassary of the Scrying Light with one section conducted by Alan Purves which will explore the occult practice of scying through the reverberations in the glass.

The Equinox Ragweed Variations: The Vast Grey Area – March 21, 20:00 
The final event of Winter Diamond Sutra Factory Workshop will occur one week later on the Vernal Equinox at the Kunstkapel, entitled The Equinox Ragweed Variations: The Vast Grey Area. All of the eight participating group projects present a new variation on their work while confronting on the one hand, the moment of equivalence that occurs on the equinox, as well as the emergence of an all encompassing grey. Grey glass, grey matter, grey scales.

I – VoltageSpa @ A Light Weave

16:15 uur 8, 9, 10 en 12 December 2017

VoltageSpa met Branka Zgonjanin en Gert-Jan Prins, is een audio-visueel project dat gedurende een aantal dagen in het Zone 2 Source – Glazen Huis (Amstelpark) zal plaatsvinden.

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Friday, October 20  & Saturday 28, Friday November 3

The Warp returns to the Kunstkapel to present the Fall Season of AudioVisual Spatial work in the 360 degree space which has become its seasonal venue for the premiere of new immersive multimedia works. The program for October, 100 Years will commemorate the centennial of the Russian October Revolution which has remained a landmark in world history. But The Warp will not only consider the events, cultural fragments and aftermath of the event itself but also the unique evolution of the word October, now synonymous with change, overturning ideas, insurrection, political subtext, theory and radical approaches in art.

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