Saturday, December 16 2017, 17:00


With Bas van Koolwijk, Gert Jan Prins, Branka Zgonjanin, Joost Rekveld, Dirk Bruinsma, Daniela de Paulis, The Ensemble Todo Modo, The Moonlighter’s Vanishing Point and Squadron for the Conduction of Light Matter

A Light Weave and other enlightening events are in honor of the Saturnalian Festival of Light at the Amstel Park.

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In collaboration with Zone2Source and its annual Saturnalian Festival of Light, The Warp presents a series of AudioVisualSpatial performance events at the Amstel Park, which will occur both inside and outside of the Glazen Huis venue. A Light Weave will bring together an array of artists and performers, who will merge sound and light in this most distinctive of sites with a series of new interdisciplinary works: Bas van Koolwijk, Gert Jan Prins, Joost Rekveld, Dirk Bruinsma, The Ensemble Todo Modo, The Moonlighter’s Vanishing Point and Marcos Baggiani, leading the Squadron for the Conduction of Light Matter. Performances will follow in succession from dusk, while winter soup and gluhwine will be served to welcome the onset of Saturnalia.

Photo’s on this page/fotografie: Mattis Cuypers
While it was winter cold, outside a set of tables were beautifully arranged with pumpkin soup, Gluhwine and a nice selection of drinks and snacks.

Squadron for the Conduction of Light Matter

Squadron for the Conduction of Light Matter, conducted by Marcos Baggiani performed in the dark. Totally dressed in black,  his arms and hands fluorescently striped and gloved to be well noticed. Occasionally Baggiani moved much more then his arms alone by dancing and jumping. The Squadron was playing a good old portion of jazz improvisation, combined with noise and by moments even delicate singing, which made it adventurous and playful. Personally I loved the witty child songs and noise produced by human voices.

Gert Jan Prins & Branka Zgonjanin

In preparation for this event Gert Jan Prins and Branka Zgonjanin offered Voltage Spa as an evolving work in progress on four days: December 8, 9. 10 and 12 at 4 pm. For more info click here.

The performance in which Zgonjanin used the public (space) as a natural environment, is proof of how noise and dance performance can merge together and bring it to the next step. I couldn’t imagine dance emerging from a very brisk noisy or staccato drumkit nor did I see it coming that Prins would whisper next to and through the movements of Zgonjanin. I saw it happen and liked it. Convincing!

The Ensemble Todo Modo

Todo Modo never bores, how many times you hear and see it. The space divided in four different ‘mini environments’, each musician creating beautiful sounds and music combining it with overhead visuals – pictures referring to nature and schematic drawings – thus creating a network of sounds and breathtaking space where the public was scattered in.

Joost Rekveld

Joost Rekveld at work, programming and tweaking code on the spot. This method results in a beautiful abstract movie which was accompanied by improvised music.

Rekveld looking for and finding the connection between programming, science and nature will get you in this calm state and watch his movies for hours.

Bas van Koolwijk

Being a fan of Van Koolwijk very basic approach of sound and the visual, I prefer to undergo his work in the 360 degree cirkel shaped Kunstkapel. Filming it on video, shows it’s possible impact never the less.

Bas van Koolwijk working on his on/off method producing a rudimental artwork of flashlights which create a stroboscopic effect.

The Moonlighter’s Vanishing Point 

After seen and heard a long adventures evening, the last performance by Gert-Jan Prins, Lee Ellickson and gitarist…  were like noise and image melting with the night.

This evening was followed by The Fifth AX (of Saturnalian Follies and Winter’s Tales) by division4habitats transformed the Glazen Huis into a huge light box, created by an ensemble of artists for the traditional period of Saturnalia from Sunday, December 17 to Sunday, January 7, 2018.  For more info click here.

All performances and events are free to the public. In collaboration with Zone2Source.

A Light Weave brengt een keur van kunstenaars en performances samen, in drie opeenvolgende evenementen die nieuwe multimedia werken, waarin geluid en licht samenkomen.

Performances volgen elkaar op zodra de zon ondergaat terwijl soep en gluh-wijn geserveerd worden om het begin van de Saturnalia te vieren – de aanvang van de winter als de vegetatie afgestorven is en de natuur moet worden wakker geschud om de laatste vonk van leven aan te wakkeren.

Hieraan voorafgaand presenteerden Gert Jan Prins met Branka Zgonjanin Voltage Spa, een work in progress dat vier dagen duurtde. Voor meer informatie klik hier.

Het event wordt gevolgd door The Fifth AX (of Saturnalian Follies and Winter’s Tales) dat Het Glazen Huis tot een gigantisch lichtbox zal transformeren. Voor meer informatie klik hier.

Alle performances en events zijn gratis.
In samenwerking met Zone 2 Source.