Struttin’ With Some Crepescule by Preservation Dril

Saturday, December 1, 20:00

With Stefano Taiuti, Annet Duller, Henk Boelmans Kranenburg, Eric Boeren, Wolter Wierbos, Mo van der Does, Alan Purves, Raoul van der Weide, Hank Botwinnik, Dirk Bruinsma, Jimmy Serensky, Mary Maher-McIver, Christophe Chaplet, Anthony Murrel, Daniela de Paulis, German Popov, Justin Bennett and Roelf Toxopeus (BMBcon), and Robert Oostenveld

Findings from Twilight Expeditions

Preservation Drill performs Struttin’ With Some Crepescule
Preservation Drill unites practitioners who together explore the potential links in their traditions: Bhuto practitioner Stefano Taiuti, Magic Lanternists Annet Duller and Henk Boelmans Kranenburg, and musicians Eric Boeren (trumpet), Wolter Wierbos (trombone) and Mo van der Does (Clarinet) concentrate on exploring a mutual space and in doing so forge new interdisciplinary paths. Three traditions will emerge as one in their own highly charged twilight zone.

Photo’s on this page/fotografie: Mattis Cuypers (

The Guildry of the Deadly Percheron performs Taking the Fall This Time
New Lost Songs for Old Found Clothes by John Fahey
Alan Purves, Raoul van der Weide, Hank Botwinnik, Dirk Bruinsma and Jimmy Serensky offer a song cycle which animates texts by American musician John Fahey, in which a child’s private world of bizarre and transgressive fantasies is revealed. Fahey’s nightmare imagery conjures an abandoned metaphysical amusement park with a rickety ride through a maniacal fun house.

Confederacy of Assonance performs Late Autumn
This piece concentrates on the shock of recognition that the season brings, while using as a springboard a text by Bruno Schulz known for deriving poetry from discarded things. This idiosyncratic performance group combines a devotion to concrete poetry and surrealistic imagery: manifestations of people and objects which are stirred to action and abstraction. The piece is performed by Mary Maher-McIver, Christophe Chaplet and Anthony Murrel.

The October Collective performs Symbiotic Solaris Stations
The resemblance of the interior of the Kunstkapel to the space station seen in Tarkovsky’s science fiction film has been frequently noted.  This project was designed to bring a group of individual artists together as members of a research expedition. Solaris provides us with a set of issues in terms of AudioVisualSpatial that are demanding and the team will offer their own unique findings. On board for this first mission are Daniela de Paulis, German Popov, Justin Bennett and Roelf Toxopeus (BMBcon), and neuroscientist Robert Oostenveld.