The Underwriters’ Labortory performs The Epitome of Spectacular Indifference

29 August 18:00

The Underwriter’s Laboratory has undertaken a most unusual study in its attempts to understand the function of the Warp as an active cultural mechanism in Amsterdam. The object is to make a careful study of the reception and response to the program over the last decade and ruefully subject a series of test performances (consisting of some of the more ambitious, ephemeral or outlandish ideas promoted by the Kunstkapel location) to these auto critiques which are made directly in a call and response fashion by a ring of onlookers. The results may be taken as parody, satire or outright travesty… but directed at the performers or the audience themselves? This becomes the self reflective question as what the study demonstrably shows is that given the general perception the performers discover it would be better for them to do…. Nothing! Thus the overarching theme of a summer of lessness receives its most disturbing and absurdly hilarious rendering in this performance. The surprise performers have been gathered from distant and recent Warp projects such that their actual experiences come to play in the performance. Principal members of the Underwriter’s Laboratory include Christopher Wrener, Dara Navi, Bastien Calla, and Ithey Cornish.