AUTUMN QUANTA I: CONSULT THE DUST Saturday, 3 October, 2020

The Warp returns for a new season of multimedia performance events in the Kunstkapel. After a summer break Contraband in Company will present CRAWLSPACE OF HEADROOM.The individual artists of the Spring Quandary are reassembled in new ensembles researching the function of the actual building as an instrument and as raw material. Utilizing the architectural structure in many surprising ways, the artists will play the 360º Kunstkapel in a way that is unseen.

The following artists will collaborate in site-specific ensembles:

The Ensemble Todo Modo: Dirk Bruinsma , Robbert Van Hulzenand Christian Smith will create music from the existing architecture in the building with the performance ‘Rafters in the Void’.

The Afterwords Searchparty: Anthony Murell, Lise Brenner will combine spoken word and interactive visuals, called ‘The Layers Beneath‘.

The Supernumeraries: Stefania Petroula, Izabella Pacewicz Wysocka and Manuela Lucia Tessi will perform ‘Intruders’, an investigative work for movement.

The Fold: Performs A Variable Meridian/Fractal Divisions by Andreas Tegenader, Max van der Wal, a work in which live coding, photogrammetry and system feedback loop are used to restructure the Kunstkapel architecture.

The Binding Co-Morbidities: the intervention in space ‘A PRIMER effects‘ will provide an environment in which performers and audience can interact in a corona conscious environment.

The Alternating Current performs Litmus, a live surveillance camera feedback work.


An Audio Visual Spatial Interpretation of the Pandemic from Ancient Inspirations

The Pitfall Ensemble performs De Rerum Natura: Plague Music (Moving Image Scores).The Pitfall Ensemble is devoted to unusual scores, arrangements for spatially deployed music and site specific locations for performance. Pitfall now creates an annex for its original undertaking of creating a music work derived from Lucretius’ latin poem about scientific observations: De Rerum Natura (“On the Nature of Things”).
The last pages of De Rerum Ranta describes the plague as the natural end of humankind.

For this annex, The Pitfall Ensemble invites visual artists and its own members to develop visual motion scores which will be projected as a means for the ensemble to interpret the moving images. Three very different approaches to plague music in the 360º Kunstkapel will be the result. Featuring: Miriam den boer, Dirk Bruinsma, Maripepa Contreras, George Dumitriu, Lucija Gregov, Jan Willem van der Ham, Mary Oliver, Salvoandrea Lucifora, Aaron Lumley, Pau Sola Masafrets, Camille Verhaak and Rogier Hornman.With compositions by Dirk Bruinsma, Marit Shalem and by Andreas Tegnander and Max van der Wal.

The Afterwords Searchparty featuring Anthony Murrell and Lise Brenner will explore and atomize the work of Lucretius with visual interpolations in the performance Atomizing Terms for De Rerum Natura VI.

Surface to Volume performs The Quantum Entanglements & Figures. This group is frequently concentrated on the infinitesimal in its attempt to derive a different dynamic for visual music and hidden drama. Presented here as a preamble is a brief index of motifs to be featured in a sprawling if appropriately minuscule project.

Limited place for 30 guests
Tickets are €10 cash at the door | €5 for students
Reserve your ticket at |e-mail your cancelation
Corona measurements are met: the audience will be seated at appropriate distance and will be requested to wear a face mask.


LIVE from the Kunstkapel / Fundamental Fysiks Group Reconnoiter Probe Submissions for Remote Viewing

The third event of the Autumn Quanta 2020 program is a live-streamed conference with 3 artistic interpretations of quantum physics.

This event is inspired by the Fundamental Fysiks Group that brought the San Fransisco Bay Area in the ’70s a new resurgence in the pursuit of resonant ideas in quantum physics which further led to the development of quantum information.

Styled as a conference, each performing unit has put forward an audio-visual essay, an art piece that is the exposition of an idea and a contribution to the theme of Remote Views that was established by the Fundamental Fysiks Group.

Streamed live as a computer coded audiovisual conference of non-locality quantum entanglement, the following particles will reach you at home:

The Self Similars performs Fractal Breakdowns – 5min

The Self Similars is a group devoted to charting quantum information data through Fractal Imaging. Fractal Imaging is a unique way of compressing and storing images in which mathematics has unlocked the door of restrictions of conventional imaging technology and created an important intersection of art and science. In this work, variant disciplines and data chains are merged, with each time producing a new series of rendered point clouds.

Alice & Bob While Steering performs Notes on Nonlocality – 1h30

In everyday life, distance and location are felt as daily absolute truths. Yet physics now suggests that at the most fundamental level, the universe is nonlocal – there is no such thing as place or distance. Albert Einstein’s general relativity instead ascribed gravity to the curvature of spacetime. It introduced a deeper sense of non-locality by showing that spacetime positions have no intrinsic meaning. In ‘Notes on Nonlocality’ the irrationality of infinite numbers is observed, by examining large sound samples derived from audiorate granular synthesis and visuals produced by transforming real-life imagery on the smallest scale, into initial states for a recursive cellular automaton system.

No Clone Wrestlers perform Emergences Thru Probability Amplitudes – 4min

A probability amplitude is a complex number used in describing the behavior of systems. They provide a wave function and the results of observationys of that system through emergences. Emergences indicate that small changes create big differences. In this piece, we observe how the small scale shapes the grand, with visuals created through continuous pixel movement and morphs in which the whole system symbiotically reacts to the audio.

All works are produced by Andreas Aalberg Tegnander and Max van der Wal.