All Hallows, All Saints, All Souls

Entrance free
Thursday 31 October (Halloween) and Friday 1 November 18:00 Start of the program

Saturday 2 November 17:00 Roundtable with artists,  18:00 Guided tour by the artists, 19:00 Start of the program
Meeting point: park kiosk/kids pool in the Beatrixpark

On Halloween night, in the Beatrixpark, there will be performances and installations on a rambling path snaking through the dark… An auspicious weekend known for Halloween when the spirits of the dead emerge from out of memory in the dark of night through a medium of uncanny and cosmic light.

On the last evening, artists will go in discussion with each other about their works and the paths they form together. Afterwards, the artists take the guests on a guided tour past the artworks, explaining everything you should know.

Philip Vermeulen & Mischa Dams perform Slue
Robbert van der Horst & Vluchtige Bouwwerken present Math1
Vladimir Grafov presents Perspectiva
Sjimmie Veenhuis presents Constraint
Serge Onnen performs Roto Reliefs
The Transactors’ Receptive Interference performs Landscape Camouflage
The Overt Enclave performs Egregore
The Distraught Foundation presents The Urban Blinds & We Are Here! with the participation of Mark Bain performing Civil Wars: 1. Settlements & Maneuvers
The Beatrix Parker’s Cut Rate Pharmakon offers Medicines for Melancholies: Some Cheap Tricks

First Evening
Photo’s on this page/fotografie: Mattis Cuypers (

Second Evening

Last Evening