Saturday, December 15th, 16:00 – 18:30
(Performance starts at 17:00)

With Vladimir Grafov,  Bjørk Nielsdottir and Vilbyorg Broch,  Manuela Lucia Tessi, Ksenia Perek, Stefania Petroula, Maria Mavridou, Thalia Laric, Branka Zgonjanin,  Dirk Bruinsma, Hank Botwinik, Anthony Murrell and Lee Ellickson

‘Beholder’ by Vladimir Grafov
In the dark winter months, the glass cubicle of het Glazen Huis and the surrounding park area will become an inverse Panopticon. A kinetic light sculpture, placed inside, will produce a deliberate play of colorful reflections in the daytime. As evening falls, it will transform and expand itself into the park by emitting the laser lines, crosscutting the trees and bushes around with a thin line of light. The evolving pattern of natural shapes will become visible to the observer. As an allegory of the Panopticon, the scanning eye of the laser beams flowing through the glass windows, and the machinery behind, will become themselves the object of the observation.

Performance program
‘The Saturnalian Season of Lights’

Our Sorrow’s Two Thirds perform ‘Conjuring Saturn’s Repast
By Bjørk Nielsdottir and Vilbyorg Broch
This vocal duo creates a companion piece to their previous meditation on the Roman god Levana, now turning their attention to that most fearsome of child devourers, Saturnus, who gave his name to this pagan season of lights.

The Weather performs ‘Prevailing attractions (Ringings of Saturn)
By Manuela Lucia Tessi, Ksenia Perek, Stefania Petroula, Maria Mavridou, Thalia Laric and Branka Zgonjanin
This experimental dance ensemble offers a counter balance in motion from Vladimir Grafov’s installation Beholder, while using the glass house venue as a vehicle for bodies drawn together by magnetic forces and atmospheric pressures.

Photo’s on this page/fotografie: Mattis Cuypers (

Above: Prevailing attractions (Ringings of Saturn) by The Weather

The Taciturn Receiver performs ‘Outliner 1.2
By Vladimir Grafov, Dirk Bruinsma, Hank Botwinik, Anthony Murrell, Lee Ellickson, Manuela Lucia Tessi, Ksenia Perek, Stefania Petroula, Maria Mavridou, Thalia Laric and Branka Zgonjanin
The Taciturn Receiver develops its distinct aesthetic through laser scenography, live foley sound, disembodied voices and mute figurants, all operating on seperate planes while engaged in an intricate interaction. This short piece is one of a cycle of impromptus that are based on the ideas of outlining; outlines of conditions, circumstances and events that are at all times provisional yet perpetually drawn farther out … to sketch an unfied but ineffable shape in the space of a performance.

Above: Outliner 1.2 by The Taciturn Receiver

In collaboration with Zone2Source.
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Location: het Glazen Huis, Amstelpark in Amsterdam

Below: Exposition overview