Candlemas Correlatives: Festival of Light

Saturday, February 2, 2019

With performances and installations by Philip Vermeulen, Robbert van der Horst, Dirk Bruinsma, Paul Glazier, Vladimir Grafov, Mark Bain, Lucy Brownhill, Ferdinand Doumic, Judith Bruynzeels, Izabela Pacewicz-Wysocka, Branca Zgonjanin, Maria Mavridou, Stefania Petroula and Lee Ellickson.

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Symbiotic Solaris Stations

Photo by Mattis Cuypers

Saturday, January 12, 2019, 20:00

With Daniela de Paulis, German Popov, Justin Bennett, Roelf Toxopeus (BMBcon) and Robert Oostenveld.

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Beholder by Vladimir Grafov

Saturday, December 15th, 16:00 – 18:30
(Performance starts at 17:00)

With Vladimir Grafov,  Bjørk Nielsdottir and Vilbyorg Broch,  Manuela Lucia Tessi, Ksenia Perek, Stefania Petroula, Maria Mavridou, Thalia Laric, Branka Zgonjanin,  Dirk Bruinsma, Hank Botwinik, Anthony Murrell and Lee Ellickson

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October Country III

Struttin’ With Some Crepescule by Preservation Dril

Saturday, December 1, 20:00

With Stefano Taiuti, Annet Duller, Henk Boelmans Kranenburg, Eric Boeren, Wolter Wierbos, Mo van der Does, Alan Purves, Raoul van der Weide, Hank Botwinnik, Dirk Bruinsma, Jimmy Serensky, Mary Maher-McIver, Christophe Chaplet, Anthony Murrel, Daniela de Paulis, German Popov, Justin Bennett and Roelf Toxopeus (BMBcon), and Robert Oostenveld

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October Country II

Suspiria De Profundis (Deep Breath) by The Shadow Seminary School for the Convergence of the Outer Bodies

Saturday, November 10, 20:00

With Bjork Nielsdottir, Vilbjørg Broch, Viola Scholten, Nina Hareva, Izabela Pacewicz Wysocka, Manuela Tessi, Stefania Perek, Ksenia Petroula, Marysia Skorwider, Tamira van Wijngaarden, Simone Goslinga, Dirk Bruinsma, Bart de Vrees and Mark Bain.

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October Country I

Oneiric Navigations in the Ecliptical Atlas

Saturday, October 13,  20.00 – 23.00

With Michael Pestel, Vilbjorg Broch, Christophe Chaplet, Leo Svirsky, Ada Rave, George Hadow, Camille Verhaak, Johan van Kreij, Vilbjorg Broch, and Raoul van der Weide

October Country is a realm of unbridled imagination, and when it wells up in our own reality it prompts the uncanny…

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MaysDay II – In Retrospect

Saturday, June 9 2018, 21:00


With The Paraneural  Record, The Fifth Estate and The Shark Infested Custard

Maydays discussion Round Table 19:30, free of charge

This performance night was preceded by a roundtable discussion reflecting on the legacy of May 68 and its relevance today. Media theorist and lecturer Marc Tuters and art critic and curator Mark Kremer joined Menno Grootveld and other guests to discuss the haunting legacy of the events of May 68 and the significance this has for us today.

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