Friday, October 20 2017, 20:00


With Nomenkatura Proyezdom: Leonid Vlassov; The Quartet of Fellow Travellers: Thomas Myrmel; and The October Collective

Photo’s by Peter Cuypers: Nomenkatura Proyezdom performs Advice of an Onlooker

Nomenkatura Proyezdom performs
Nomenkatura Proyezdom I: Advice of an Onlooker by Vladimir Lenin
Leonid Vlassov performs his own interpretation of Lenin undergoing in his own tempest in a snow globe while he channels apparently automatic texts ranging from his own observations made at the time of the revolution to certain others which become harder to quantify. In this highly sonic and visual work, everything including Lenin’s own words are to be given a good hard shake in order to see what falls. Is it only the snow?

Photo’s by Peter Cuypers: The Quartet of Fellow Travellers performs Ten Days That Shook the World

The Quartet of Fellow Travellers performs
Ten Days That Shook the World by John Reed, as translated by Heiner Muller and set to music by Thomas Myrmel
While Müller recast Reed’s text into a staccato rant, Thomas Myrmel has now set Müller’s text as an explosive device for four highly vocal percussionists who will along the way produce some hard scrabble text for circulation in the course of the performance.

Photo’s by Peter Cuypers: The October Collective performs Year One, Parts I-V

The October Collective performs
Year One, Parts I-V
performance propositions prompted by Victor Serge
A unique ensemble made up of various other ensembles and performers that have previously contributed to the AudioVisualSpatial project over the last three years has come together to create a project which will be presented in sections over the three evenings of the October 100 Years program. The Collective will present thirteen ways of looking at an insurrection as inspired by the close reading of events by Victor Serge in his text Year One of the Russian Revolution. For these thirteen pieces, various members of the ensemble will concentrate their energies toward taking the narrative in a radically different direction and with altogether different formal strategies as well as disciplines. In this collective various cells work without knowledge or awareness of what others are up to and this provides an insightful and probably surprising event for everyone including those who have made it.

Photo by Peter Cuypers: Actor Leonid Vlassov