November 3 2017, Friday 20:00


With Slavoj Zizek; Mark Bain; The Weather; The Architechtonic Assemblies and The October Collective

Zizek on Skype
Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek joined us at 20:00 through Skype, to reveal the importance of the October Revolution and the actuality of Vladimir Lenin’s texts. Interview by Menno Grootveld. Below you can listen to his sparkling vision on this topic.

Pictures above: Zizek on Skype. Photo’s by Mattis Cuypers and Peter Cuypers.

Mark Bain’s The Archisonic performs
Collective Action

Using various arrays of seismological sensors placed throughout the building The Archisonic turns architecture into giant sonic instruments. Played live through large sound systems and injected with various bits of waveform material, the force of the building is driven within and tuned to maximal affect. As you move around, nodes and anti-nodes develop throughout, the composition arrives in the individual and within the collective action taken inside the space.

The Archisonic by Mark Bain. Photo by Mattis Cuypers.

The Weather performs
Autumnal Turns (& Vicissitudes)

A project for movement ensemble that unites aural and visual strategies while focusing their research on the bodily response to atmospheric pressures, now turns all antennae to the implies shifts of October and the forces at work in the space of the Kunstkapel, creating special collaborations with other projects currently inhabiting the space. The Weather will seek to define and sculpt in space and time the subtle turns that spell a change in the offing.
With Ana Leonor Ladas, Manuela Tessi, ­Izabella Pacewicz Wysocka.

below: Ana Leonor Ladas, Manuela Tessi, and ­Izabella Pacewicz Wysocka perform Autumnal Turns. Photo’s by Mattis Cuypers and Peter Cuypers.


The Architechtonic Assemblies perform The Objective Correlative Slots
A association which ritually confuses cinematic, sonic and architectural issues arranged by Brian McKenna.
The group will pick up where it left off last year in the Kunstkapel with another comparative study inspired by the space with a special attention to the slots in time that contain the one hundred years of interpreted revolutions of October in alignment with the slots of windows that run around the entire circumference of the room.

below: The Architechtonic Assemblies. Photo’s by Mattis Cuypers and Peter Cuypers.



The October Collective performs
Year One, Parts XI-XV
Performances prompted on sequential texts of Victor Serge in 13 episodes: a mix of theatrical sketches, performance, video stills and musical interventions. 
With Bas Van Koolwijk, Andre Avela, Brian McKenna, Mike Ottink, Martha Colburn, Dirk Bruinsma, Eric de Clerq, Bart de Vrees, Marcos Baggiani, Christian Smith, Hank Botwinik, Julia Kiryanova, Alfredo Genovesi, Kim Josephine Bode and Indiana Ballan.

below: The October Collective using van Koolwijks animated visuals as score material. Photo’s by Mattis Cuypers and Peter Cuypers.

below: The October Collective performing part XII-XV. Photo’s by Mattis Cuypers and Peter Cuypers.