The Warp presents Audio Visual Spatial Performances

Fall Back: Eternal Returns II: Returns to Sender: Addresses Unknown

November 18, Friday, 8 pm

At the Kunstkapel, Prinses Irenestraat 19

Tickets are €10 Cash at the door

▷ Antrianna Moutoula performs You Can’t Trace The Same Stream Twice

Re working: A woman traces her thoughts through language. A stream which is nonstop, circumstantial and is not being more edited than it already is. An overload of words, thoughts, lyrics, theories, and memories that seek their own linearity. You Can’t Trace The Same Stream Twice is the articulation of the present in an ephemeral encounter between performer and spectator. Antrianna Moutoula has been concentrating on the performance of non stop languaging within the context of contemporary autotheory and she can often be heard on weekly online radio performances.

▷▷ The Approximate Consort (in trio formation) performs Abridged 3,0

Alan Purves (percussion), Lucija Gregov (cello) and Alkistis Misouli (viola) perform the third section of an ongoing project made in response to the distinctive musical relationship between composer Benjamin Britten and his teacher Frank Bridge. Using musical material drawn from Bridge’s Idylls for String Quartet and Britten’s Variations on a theme by Frank Bridge, this group presses the ideas of the idyll and of variations toward paroxysm While the performance is sparked by great reverence to its musical forebears it will just as quickly be noted for an particular and pointed irreverence.

▷▷▷ Eyal Talmor performs Untitled

Eyal Talmor is an experimental musician from Lisbon, Portugal. His works are dealing with the extremities of sound produced by unconventional approaches of music technology, researching stress conditions, chaos and the physical presentation of sound and its influence on the individual and society, along with the goal of uncovering and exploring new territories by experimentation and performance. He Says “My performance is centered around a dysfunctional Access Virus synth that is operating beyond the machine’s capabilities, generating corrupted MIDI data and transmitted to several other machines. This method allows me to create sounds that otherwise would be impossible to reach and have unexpected results every time due to the chaotic nature of the process.”


FALL BACK: ETERNAL RETURNS  October 21—December 12, 2022

The Autumn program of Audio Visual Spatial performances

For the Autumn program The Warp provides the counter balance for the Spring Ahead: The Afterlife program presented earlier this year with Fall Back: Eternal Returns. Just as we are prompted to remember to set the clocks forward by the command to Spring Ahead in the Autumn we know we must always fall back and set the clocks accordingly. For the Warp however, Fall Back means an attempt to return to an apparent new normalcy after the demise of the plans to transform the Kunstkapel into the Conservatory of Amsterdam but also as a reflection of the attempt to readjust after the extended Covid period that began in Spring 2020. With Fall Back: Eternal Returns we explore the recurring aspects that have characterized the work made in the Kunstkapel over the last ten year period.

The concept of the Eternal Return has been with us since Greek Antiquity when the stoics postulated that history was doomed to repeat itself infinitely since the universe and its concomitant energy is recurring. Nietzsche later transforms this into a thought experiment which questions what we would do faced with the information that we could be doomed to repeat ourselves. Nietzsche later had Zarathustra proclaim:

All things are entangled, ensnared, enamored; if you ever wanted one thing twice, if you ever said, ‘You please me, happiness! Abide, moment!’ then you wanted all back … For all joy wants—eternity.

The actual physical reality of the Kunstkapel which we have treated alternately as an instrument, a vessel, a container, a space station, a space of contemplation, a place of madness and at last a place of recovery, is the site of eternal returns and its circular immersive quality provides the perfect object correlative for this proposition. The Autumn program will consist of the regular Audio Visual Spatial spectrum programs that usually combine three performances in a single evening, several ongoing workshops which will produce individual evenings for stand alone performances as well as club nights that create a different context to present a dynamic environment for more impromptu or informal performances.