Shadow Floriade Finale

October 22, 2022, Saturday, the Beatrixpark 


Here now is the concluding half of the project that began with the first day of the Shadow Floriade on April 22, 2022–International Earth Day. It now brings the Shadow Floriade and the piece itself to a kind of conclusion, precisely six months later. The Errant Cirkle, a collective of visual artists and performers, explores the rituals of park life that suggest parallel realities and a space for reimagination and freedom of thought. Thus the Errant Cirkle tries to envision contemporary rituals for the park setting while creating a path of unusual objects that may suggest thoughts.

For this project, two themes from an entwining dialogue: the pharmakon which is the greek term derived from Plato that refers to the indeterminacy of that which is both a poison and a cure as well the sense of reorientation of the world we find symbolized in the compass rose. For this reason a key location for this project is the Herbal Garden which is one of the sections of the Beatrixpark which was created for the 1972 Floriade. The Herbal Garden presents a unique enclosed world which is distinctly set apart from the rest of the park, allowing an idea for isolated interventionist and performative activity. These events will be composed of speech and movement that views the Herbal garden within the context of the pharmakon that we live with in our minds in this time of post pandemic while also providing a space for small visual interventions that will encourage spectators to wander attentively and thoughtfully in the garden to see what thoughts have grown there alongside the herbs. However this garden is also located alongside the wading pool at the kiosk which will provide the basis for variations on the compass rose as a visual motif for the park as well as a guide for a sequence of performative events that will relate themselves to the Compass Rose constructed from floral elements established in the wading pool at the central kiosk in the park.

The Errant Cirkle includes Olivier Keeler, John McGraw, Hiroshi Tatsumi, Keiko Wakamatsu, Heidi Mach, and Illio Kiryos.